Jun 25, 2023

Free Street Photography Presets

Discover which street photography presets are worth it, plus some pro tips.

Hunter Scott
Hunter Scott
Free Street Photography Presets

If you've ever found yourself wrestling with the eternal question of whether street photography presets are worth it, you're in the right place. In this article, I'll dive into the world of presets, exploring their potential to streamline your editing process, maintain consistency, and unleash your creative vision. 

What Do Street Photography Presets Actually Do?

Street photography presets, like the ones I've been using for years, are powerful tools that transform your raw images with just a few clicks. They're like filters, but more advanced, adding distinct style or mood to your shots - giving them that professional polish without breaking a sweat. These presets, which I can’t live without, adjust things like exposure, contrast, color grading, and tone, to achieve a specific look or aesthetic. Using presets, I can effortlessly infuse my photos with that vintage vibe, vibrant urban punch, or moody cinematic feel, all while saving heaps of editing time. So, if you've ever wondered how to sprinkle that extra dose of charm onto your street photos, some great street photography presets might just be the secret sauce you’re after.

Example of result from best street photography preset
Edited with my "Small Sun Moment" street photography preset

Who Should Use Street Photo Presets?

Well, unless you’re planning on editing all of your photos manually, one by one, forever and ever - everyone should! High quality presets are especially useful for beginner street photographers, as it makes it so much easier to apply a consistent look and feel to your images, which will definitely help you stand out. As you develop your own style further, you can tweak the presets you have to bring them closer to your final vision without having to do all of the basic groundwork first. 

Example of result from best street photography preset
Edited with my "Sunbather" street photography preset

Are Street Photography Presets Worth It?

Of course. Presets for street photography, like any genre of the art form, are hugely important. They save you hours and hours of editing time, so that you can spend more time in the streets and honing your craft. They create a solid, consistent look for you to build on. Presets also let you preview a range of “looks” on the same photo quickly, so you can decide which direction to take. As an added bonus, buying presets is a great way to support your favourite photography creators! They can also help to bridge the gap between your digital work and your film shots.

Example of result from best street photography preset
Edited with my "Brixton" street photograpy preset

Bonus Tip: Editing On The Go

When I take an absolute banger, I want to get it posted as soon as possible - here’s a great workflow you can use. I edit in Lightroom (both flavours) and also in Lightroom Mobile. I’ve imported my presets to Lightroom CC, which means they magically show up in Lightroom Mobile. When I take a great shot, I use my camera’s built in Wi-Fi to send the raw file straight to my phone, use Lightroom Mobile to slap a preset on, and post it directly from there. I don’t need to worry about the colours looking funky on my phone screen because I’ve already tested the presets on a calibrated display! This means I can take a photo and have it edited and shared in the time it takes to pour my triple espresso. 

How Should I Choose A Street Photography Preset Pack?

When it comes to selecting the perfect preset pack for your street photography adventures, I've got you covered! As someone who's scoured through countless options, here's what I’d do: first, consider your personal style and the mood you want to convey in your shots. Look for packs that align with your creative vision, whether it's vibrant and punchy or more subdued and moody. Second, make sure the presets are compatible with your editing software, like Lightroom or Capture One. And finally, try to buy your presets from actual photographers, and not corporations! By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to finding that perfect preset pack that takes your street photos to the next level.

Of course, I’ve made it easy - I’ve just launched my own street photography presets, that I actually use, in a free pack available right now! There are eight signature looks to choose from and I’m very proud of it. Get them now!