Dec 6, 2023

Should You Hire A Professional Photographer in 2024?

Not sure if you need to bring in a professional photographer? We cover a range of scenarios.

Vanessa Holwell
Vanessa Holwell
Should You Hire A Professional Photographer in 2024?

Professional vs DIY Photography for Special Events? The Pros Have It!

While most of us have amazing cameras on our smartphones, there’s a big difference

between what we can do on our own versus what a professional photographer can do

when it comes to taking high-quality pictures. While our own phones may be great for

everyday use, special events and special needs require a special skill set. Here, I’ll explain more about deciding when a professional photographer is best.

Why Do I Need a Photographer?

Even if you’re an expert at taking selfies, editing, and making the most of your phone

camera, a photographer takes many other things into consideration. This includes lighting,

angles, positioning, and editing techniques, not to mention all the best equipment.

According to Beyond the Sight, while photographers may make their job look easy, flawless

photos that are well-thought-through can make for lasting memories, both on the personal

and professional front. You may find it’s well worth the investment to have this type of

assistance when you need high-quality images.

Personal Events

According to Social Tables, a professional photographer should be hired to document the

most important personal events in your life. This ensures all goes according to plan — or

close to it — and that you don’t have the worry of an amateur promising to “airdrop”

random pics.

Notable events might include engagement and wedding photography, a maternity shoot,

new baby pics, graduation and family portraits. These are photos that most people treasure

long-term, often printing and framing and hanging them on walls. A skilled professional

photographer can likely ensure that you’re getting the highest quality prints in addition to

their exceptional photography skills.

Business Needs

The type and quality of imagery that you use in your business can set you apart or make

you look like an amateur. A commercial photographer evens the playing field. If you have

an online or print product catalogue or a brochure, professional photos are a necessity. If

you need additional assurance, check out your favourite online catalogue and then look at

DIY photos from sites like eBay and you’ll see a serious difference. However, you can make

a brochure on your own using free tools, which can save you some money.


Content marketing plays a pivotal role in attracting and engaging audiences. It’s a strategic

approach that focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent

content to captivate and retain a clearly-defined audience. Incorporating professional

photos can significantly enhance its appeal, adding an extra layer of visual intrigue and

aiding in the effective communication of your message.

There are numerous online resources available for learning more about content marketing

techniques. These platforms offer comprehensive insights into crafting compelling content,

using visuals effectively, and strategizing your content marketing efforts for maximum

outreach and engagement.

Real Estate

High-quality photography is also a necessity in real estate sales. A professional can make a

property look amazing, sharpening images, removing background and clutter, and better

positioning the home for sale.

How to Find a Photographer

There are a number of ways to find a professional photographer who meets your needs and

your budget. You might start with asking friends and family for recommendations of

photographers they’ve had good luck with. You can also go online and read reviews about

photographers near you.

Always give a photographer an idea of what you’re looking for and outline your budget and

timetable. Most are more than happy to share their photography portfolio so you can get a

feel for whether you’d be a good match. Get written estimates for services and include

things like editing and providing digital and print images. You’ll also want to ask about how

the photos can be used, especially if the photographer holds the copyright.

Lend a Hand

Professional photographers often know the most popular shots when it comes to things

like weddings and real estate sales, but if you want something specific, explain how you

envision things. For example, if you want to focus on antique fixtures and stained glass

windows in a home listing, note that up front. If you want candid photos of wedding guests

as well as posed ones, speak up. Need some serious editing to get a particular look? Explain

your vision and provide examples, if possible, to illustrate what you’re after. Most

photographers will be happy to help you out.

Make the Investment

While top photographers are more expensive than phone selfies, you’ll be glad you made

the investment for special events and business needs. Whether you need a photographer

for a special event, for your business, or for content, use the tips above to find the perfect

person. In the end, you’ll appreciate that you spent the extra money for high quality


This article was contributed by Vanessa Holwell